Stun Gun in Delhi

Stun guns have played a great role for the safety of women in the western countries and now sighting the brutal cases which are going on in India. It has become necessary to keep a stun gun whenever women are alone.

The stun gun provides electric shocks when touched to the body when switched on and this makes the person lose consciousness and control over the muscles for half an hour so that the woman can run to a safe place or call for help.

Stun Gun in India

Self Defence

We know that women today study and work and to help them in their security this device is very important and while traveling this device becomes necessary as anyone can attack seeing that a female is alone and can be their easy target for robbing or theft or even sexual assault. So, this device will help in self defense.

How To Work?

It can be charged and after that it can be used as every mosquito killing racquet kills but the difference is that instead of killing it will just paralyze. For Mor Information about how it work contact us for Detial information at given numbers or you can mail us we will contact you shortly. You can leave a miss call our associates will call your.

Safety Guns

When people are new at some places, people don’t know the conditions there so for precautionary measures one can carry a safety gun with oneself because you never know what happens in a new place so foe safety it should be kept ready. So use our safety guns to secure you and your loving one by giving them our prodcuts.

stun gun
stun gun
stun gun